cd bullet Customer Testimonials

"The items arrived, they are great and they are used every day. Thanks for the prompt and exceptional service! Happy holidays!"
  - A. Fruscione and family
"I wanted to share a portion of the Thank You card I received from Mark & Chad, after gifting them their personalized platter: "Your gift by far surpassed all others! We know when people put thought into their gifts & you wowed us!"

Kudos to you and all of your staff for the fine work that you do! Please feel free to share my story of Mark & Chad's platter. I saw them last night at Bingo and they just "raved" about the platter. They said they put it in a cabinet in their living room for everyone to see as they walked in the door. They "LOVED" it!!!!"
  - Barb R.
"I'm very happy with the product and service that you provide. Silvia has always been helpful and quick on her replies to me. I have Clay Design bowls that I've used for 25 years, when I had a home party. Last summer when I found your website, I ordered 11 bowls for my grandkids for Christmas, and 2 weeks ago I ordered a bowl for my son turning 40.....his 25 year old bowl recently cracked and can't be used for cereal without leaking. Jason will love his new bowl announcing his new age! I've also referred several people to Clay Design's website......I hope they ordered! Keep up the good work and please know that I'm a satisfied customer!"
  - J. Pecoraro
"Being a grandmother, everyone in my daughter's family has an item from your company that bears their name that I have ordered over the years, except for my 10 yr. old grandson, who noted privately to my daughter that he didn't. When he opened his present, his face lit up with a happy expression and let out a whoop! His joy was right up there with several other expensive $80 toys he also received. Now he wants to display his cereal plate next to my granddaughter's pie plate, instead of having it handy in the cupboard with all the other plates!!! Thanks again!"
  - T. Franco
"After searching and looking at literally dozens of web sites, I finally hit the jackpot! CLAY DESIGN !!!! Unlike so many of the other companies and stores, I was delighted when I saw the wonderful selection of bowls, platters, plates, dishes, etc. And not only would I be able to personalize these items but they were made to USE and not just to put on a shelf to look at. These unique items, I saw, were oven and dishwasher safe. When I saw that they were oven safe, microwave, freezer, dishwasher safe (and at such reasonable prices on top of all this!), I called the company for some help in ordering - to make sure I would not make a mistake! The two young ladies on staff there (as well as the CEO and owner!) helped tremendously, answered all my questions and gave me every bit of information I wanted. That, in itself, is a very rare courtesy nowadays. So, I can't wait for Christmas this year. I can imagine all the "oooohs" and "ahhhs" I'll be hearing over the gorgeous platters I'm giving as gifts. And I'm already imagining how beautiful my Italian pastries (and pasta and meatballs) are going to look on these unique platters!! BRAVO! BRAVO! CLAY DESIGN!!"
  - Jo in New Jersey
"This is my Dad’s second platter. When I was there recently, I discovered that something happened to the first one and it was gone. Every member of our family has their own platter which my Mom started gifting a few years back. She passed away in April so I took over to replace his platter. These are very special to each of us."
  - J.
"Hello again…
I placed an order quite a few months ago and had some complaints about your website at that time. I received a prompt response from you in appreciation of my comments. I did receive the platter I ordered and it was a big hit for a birthday gift. I have just ordered another platter, and want to commend you on the new website ordering system. It is super, all the things that were lacking on the old site have been corrected. It was simple, showed my complete order and gave me the opportunity to print out a copy of my order. I am looking forward to receiving my second gift platter, and thanks for taking a customers comments to heart.."
  - C. Redman
"Dear Larry and Staff, I received my replacement dish and it is fantastic! Thank you again for the excellent customer service. I have shared my story with so many people at my office. I hope the positive word of mouth advertising brings you new customers. You deserve them!"
  - P. Yatson
"I discovered your products via a gift someone gave my son from LL Bean. I was just on you site to buy some items and wanted to comment that I love the fact that so many of your products are made in the USA. I hope you will continue with that trend. I for one, will always buy American even if it's a bit more than a Chinese made product. I love Bennington VT pottery product too."
  - Susan
"Wanted you to know that I received the bowl today and LOVE it!! Thank you for the beautiful work and for getting it to me in time for her shower this Saturday! Best wishes, and thanks again."
  - P. Gibson
"Thank you and everyone at Clay Design for seeing that all my orders will arrive in time for Christmas.....I really appreciate your great customer service!"
  - Patty
"I just wanted to let you know I just received my margarita pitcher I had personalized. It looks perfect. You guys did a great job. I love it. "
  - J. Schneider
" all looks fabulous! Another successful round of personalized gifts from Clay Design! Keep up the great work!"
  - M. Redman
"As promised I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that my parents loved the coffee canister. They were away on vacation for the past few weeks and returned this weekend to finish opening all their gifts. They were extremely thankful and thought that the gift was very unique. My mother asked for your website name which I gave her. Thank you again, "
  - Patrick
"I recently ordered a personalized platter for my brother-in-law's birthday and he loved it! It was one of the most unique and admired gifts at the party. The delivery time was right on target. Additionally, I was very pleased with the quality of the platter. Now my hustband wants one too. So I'll be placing another order soon... Thanks for a job well done!"
  - K. Barron
"I received my order today and am so happy! We love the bowl, thank you!"
  - L. Schulkin-Parnell & Juneau
"Thank you so very much for your quick response. Unfortunately, I was able to ask such an ?astute question?(regarding sublimation), because I recently placed an order with another company (which I thought was clay design) and was extremely disappointed because the personalization process was sublimation. I have purchased items from your company in the past for my two granddaughters and loved them. Needing a gift for my son and his family and doing a search I found a cookie jar that was ?personalized? with their family name and ?pictures? of them with the names printed below(very cute idea-by the way). Needless to say?I have saved your web address and I will not use the ?other company? again. Thank you for the discount coupon and I will be using it to purchase items for my two new grandsons!!"
  - Regards, D. LaBonge
Thanks so much for getting our customized dog bowl to us so efficiently. This is the third one we have ordered from Clay Design (thank you for stamping the bottom so I can always remember where we found such a good product). Emma, the newly adopted Border Collie, is thrilled to have her own bowl. I am most impressed at the quality of this bowl too?.it has gotten so much more like china and less like stoneware?.just lovely.We will be ordering again soon?.something for the new grandchild on the way.
  - Thankfully, N. McManus, NM
"I have been ordering from this company for a few years now. What wonderful personalized gifts! Larry Camm and his staff are AMAZING! If you want to know what great customer service is and how to create a customer for life, you should take lessons from Larry. I have just utilized the "50% Replacement Guarantee" on my own personal platter, that I've had for over 3 years, with absolutely "No Hassle"! He took the time to personally walk me through the procedure, which was so simple. Thank you, Larry, and please share this with your staff."
  - B. Roseth
"I placed an order for a platter for my husband for Father's Day and it arrived on time. He was very impressed with the platter and just held onto it for at few minutes, commenting on it's design, his name that was on it and the size. Ha Ha! I was thrilled cause I finally got him something he would of never guessed!"
  - G. C. Ware
"I just had to sit down for a moment to say THANK YOU!!! I ordered a few items just last week and I was worried that they may not arrive in time. I called your phone number and the nice girl said, "Don't worry, you will have them in time." In this day and age it is nearly impossible to rely on others, or to get anything done. Well, with YOU it is the complete opposite!!! My order arrived MANY days prior to what I had hoped for AND your products are FABULOUS!!! I am SO HAPPY with the cute personalized barbeque gifts I got for my husband, and I know that he is going to thoroughly enjoying using them. Your company is AWESOME and I just had to let you know how deeply I appreciate you! Thank you so very much,"
  - L. Zeigler
"Just want you to know, that I ordered the platter May 4, 2008 and received it already yesterday May 9, 2008. that is amazing and I am very happy to do business with you guys. I will definitely purchased something else if need be with the clay design. Very very impressed."
  - M. Major
"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. Our mugs arrived today and all three of them are perfect. I hope to get another 10 years out of this set! Great Job! Thanks again."
  - Sincerely, M. Compton
"Was so lucky to find this website, we ordered a plate from you all about 2 years ago and wanted to get one for each of our kids. This is a really great site. "
  - C. Newman, AZ
"Just wanted you to know that I received the above dog dish on Friday ----and I love it. It arrived safely and I'm sure that our Molie will enjoy many happy meals within it. She is so spoiled!!!!!"
  - M. White
"The ice cream bowl is perfect. And it certainly got here quickly. Thank you very, very much."
  - F. Apy
"The Hartman's LOVED the popcorn bowl (FredPlex) which arrived in perfect condition.Thanks."
  - D. Smyk
"I received my order yesterday afternoon. Your company was awesome to work with. I wish all companies could be a good as yours. Thanks."
  - S. Foster
"I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that the two large grandparent platters I recently ordered arrived today and were absolutely perfect. What a beautiful job. We had fourteen names on one plate and five on the other with special instructions. All was exactly as I requested. Thank you so much."
  - C. Straub
"I'm glad you asked to, because I didn't think of it. I've ordered many products off E-bay and dealt with many people in my profession. I have to say your quick response to the problem, the fact that you didn't question there was a problem, and wanting proof, and your overall sincerity makes you an exceptional person and retailer. I will recommend your company to anyone that is looking for your product or just a gift. (I'm glad Grandma didn't find out either)"
  - J. Kofshur
"I am very satisfied with your company and service, thank you sooo much!! The employees were both surprised and impressed with the gifts. And the personalization gave it the extra touch that made everyone say, "WOW"!"
  - M. Hawkins
"I just received the personalized plate today that I ordered fora friend's 20th wedding anniversary. It is fabulous! The perfect gift for a special occasion! I will definitely be ordering from you again!"
  - K. Wagner
"Wonderful products and wonderful people! Clay Design products and personnel are wonderful. I loved everything thank you!"
  - S. Naveley
"We received one as a gift and just love it! You make a nice product."
  - K. Bingham
"Super fast shipping-packed great-cute product-happy customer-thanx!!! =^..^="
  - thecatepeople
"Another 'just what I always wanted' item! Thanks!"
  - Z. Doyle
"The packing job was superb, everything arrived in great condition, and the products are wonderful. Thank you so much!!!!"
  - Patty @
"I have been using Clay Design cookware for 20 years. The pie pans always turn out flaky, evenly browned crust. They are beautiful to look at and show well when I have company. Clay Design always backs up their products. I've never been disappointed. Thank you and keep up the excellent products! I lugged all my Claydesign cookware to Hawaii from California!"
  - S. K., Hawaii
"I just had to e-mail you to tell you that the spoon rest is absolutely perfect! Thank you so much for your cooperation and prompt service.I also enjoyed looking at your catalogue. I will ceratainly remember your company for future gifts.
  - L. Boyle
"I received my cereal bowl today and it is great. Now I'm thinking of gifts for Christmas. Thank you for all your care and concern.
  - P. Lindley
"I got the plate and cup today that I ordered. It's GREAT!!! I'm so pleased that I'm going to order one for all my grandkids for their birthdays too. What a perfect gift, thank you so much!!"
  - K. Varrati
"Thank you for responding. I appreciate your attention. We have one of your platters. It was a gift from my husband's secretaries. We use it often. It is a quality product. I look forward to receiving our order as we are sending to my in-laws for Christmas."
  - L. Hengen
"Your customer service is excellent!"
- B. Ferlani