cd bullet Care & Use

Every piece that we produce is designed to be used in the kitchen. Our products are dishwasher, microwave, conventional oven, freezer, grill and food safe.

You can not place our genuine platinum or gold items into the microwave oven. We have inlaid precious metals on the piece and the metal may damage your microwave.

All of our coaster sets have neoprene bottoms & must be handwashed. For canisters, please remove the brass hardware before loading into dishwasher.

Our glazes are engineered to be chip and scratch resistant. Our base glazes are fired to 2,250° F. The resultant glazed surface is extremely durable and will deliver a lifetime of dependable service.

All of the items in our ovenware collection can be placed in a preheated oven up to 450° F.

Do not use in a broiler or expose our stoneware or porcelain to a direct flame or electrical element on a stove top burner. Our stoneware beer can chicken roaster is BBQ grill safe at medium to low settings under 450° F.