12 inch Square Signature Platter with All Star Sports Design for a Baby Shower for Boys

12 inch Square Signature Platter with All Star Sports Design for a Baby Shower for Boys

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A Splendid Little Boy Baby Shower Signature Plate! 

Celebrate the birth of a little boy with our permanent ceramic signatures preserved on our stoneware plate. The plate is not sublimated nor is it imported. We make everything that we sell in America.

Our special signature plate is sure to become a treasured family keepsake. Just place your order and then we will send you a paper template that is the same size as the actual plate the next day. 

At the baby shower, have each guest write a short salutation and autograph the template. After you have everyone's statements and signatures, send the paper template via UPS, FedEx or the United States Postal Service to: 


Attn: Signature Plate Department

519 West 15th Street

Long Beach, CA 90813-1505

Save your tracking number for the envelope or tube. We are not responsible for lost templates that occur within the possession of your carrier of choice. 

We will scan the original and transform your signed paper template into a piece of digital film. The film is used to make an exact full sized replica of your guests signatures using genuine ceramic glazes. We transfer the glaze signatures by hand onto the platter and fire it to 1,550° F. The signatures become permanently fused to the platter's white glaze. The signatures will last forever and never wash or scratch off.

This is not a marking pen process that you bake in your home oven. Our celebration signature plates are the real thing. The finished dish is truly dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer & food safe. Your guest's signatures and special messages are beautifully preserved forever. 


Item Number: 12x12.LV

Item's Dimensions

Height 12 inches
Width 12 inches


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