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Since 1973, all of our personalized gift items have been made using the very same traditional hand applied decorating techniques that the major dinnerware manufacturers utilize. Everythng that we produce is fired to between 1,550 to 2,250 degrees Fahrenheit. The superior result is that our personalization and decorations are permanently fused to the surface of the base glaze. Our products are genuinely dishwasher, microwave, oven and food safe. The decorations will never chip, fade, scratch or peel off. We do not use artificial polyester sublamation for our personalizaiton and decoration. We make the real thing and we stand behind it 100%!

If you need a personalized pottery gift including our renouned personalized dishes for children, customized popcorn bowls, unique gifts for him, custom gifts for her, personalized BBQ platters or personalized dishes for pets then you have landed on the right website. All of our personalized gifts are 100% made in the USA by master potters. 

We offer a completely unique assortment of ceramic bowls for dogs and cats, mother gifts, groomsmen gifts, personalized Christmas ornaments, personalize baby presents, personalized gifts for teachers and coaches, Halloween party candy bowls and tableware, US Military gifts, Mother’s Day gifts and Fathers Day gift ideas plus corporate gifts with custom logos, color matching and company slogans. We produce over 1,500 unique gift items just for you.

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A Message from the CEO

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 By Larry Camm
I can't wait to tell you all about our website's exciting new products and features. We have implemented the latest in software innovations to help make your personalized shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. Our mission is to propel you through the personalization process quickly. We have engineered the fastest possible load times, creative personalization tips, intuitive personalization  forms and large detailed images with multiple views. We have designed and introduced hundreds of unique and exciting new personalized gift ideas for every gift giving occasion. 

Within our new collection called Gifts for Active Kids, Mr. Layne Karkruff  who is the head of our bustling art department has designed over 500 new gifts for children. This vast collection of personalized gifts for kids is targeted towards children’s gifts that can be personalized with their favorite after school activity, sport, pastime, gender and name. We even have personalized character choices for mom & dad, aunts & uncles, grandma & grandpa. We are adding new designs to this cast of characters every month.

Our Personalized Gifts for Teachers includes one of our most exciting customized gift introductions in decades. Our new Personalized Teachers Plate is designed to include up to 38 names of the students in the class. You can personalize the center three lines with a special message just for your teacher. Many of the teachers in my extended family have received them as gifts and they cherish their personalized dishes.

We have also created an elegant collection of Monogrammed Stoneware Gifts that are available in 7 beautiful colors. Don’t miss out, order a beautiful monogram gift for someone special today.

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Larry Camm